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Our extensive range of bathroom cabinets has been crafted with our customers in mind. From super-modern to timeless and traditional.

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We've carefully selected bathroom cabinets from a range of manufacturers, giving you one of the widest ranges in the UK.

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Most of our bathroom cabinets are available to buy with fast delivery, getting your new bathroom quicker than ever.

H & S Bathrooms offer a range of Bathroom Cabinets and Bathroom Mirrors which you can view by visiting our Bathroom Showroom, either online or right here in Darwen.

For many years now, H & S Bathrooms have made it a priority to provide our customers with the very best bathroom furnishings, and there is no exception when it comes to the bathroom cabinets or mirrors we provide. Our range includes modern and traditional pieces that can fit elegantly into a diverse range of bathroom set ups. We have excellent working relationships with a number of reputable bathroom design chains, and because of this, we are able to bring the best looking bathroom furnishings at the best prices.

Bathroom Cabinets and Mirrors in Darwen

Bathroom Cabinets

An important part of the
modern day bathroom is the cabinet. Cabinets are found in bathrooms across the world, where sometimes more than one cabinet is need to store essential items.

Keeping your surfaces free from clutter by locking items away in bathroom cabinets not only helps to keep your bathroom looking fresh, but can help you to keep harmful items away from little ones too. Razors or shavers, mouthwash, deodorant and aftershave, are among the best candidates for items that could be, or should be locked away in a bathroom cabinet.

If you are looking for Bathroom Cabinets in Darwen, make sure you visit H & S Bathrooms and speak to one our knowledgeable team. We can talk to you about your options and make sure you choose the right cabinet that fits perfectly into your bathroom at home.

Bathroom Mirrors

Checking out your reflection, your smooth shiny hair, or your sparkly teeth, is an extremely important part of the day. Having a bathroom mirror means you can look as fresh as you possibly can in the mornings, or check that all makeup or dirt has been removed before you go to bed. Bathroom Mirrors can also add appeal and space to your bathroom, depending on how big the mirror is you choose.

By visiting our bathroom showroom in Darwen, you can check out the vast range of Bathroom Mirrors we offer and find the option that best suits your needs. Our friendly staff are always on hand to answer any questions you might have.

Other Bathroom Furnishings

Cabinets and Mirrors are vital components that make up the bathroom area, but there are many other forms of bathroom furniture that can contribute to the way your bathroom looks and feels. Pop over to our bathroom furnishings page to read more about what we do and the different furnishings we have to offer.

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