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Designer Looks

Furniture is an essential part of your bathroom decor. It comes in various styles and designs and keeps the bathroom clean and clutter free.

The Personal Look

Our range of bathroom furniture is a great way of personalising your bathroom, by choosing the accessories and furniture you want and need in your bathroom.

Storage & Style

Our stylish collection of furniture features options which are suitable for all bathrooms regardless of the size or style you need.

Bathroom Furnishings & Fixtures

A bathroom vanity is generally thought of as being a bathroom cabinet that is designed to hold the sink and conceal the associated plumbing as well as providing much needed storage.

As the vanity is pretty much the centrepiece of the bathroom, you will find that they come in a staggering range of sizes, shapes, and designs. Bathroom vanities can be traditional, French provincial, art deco, modern, country style, minimalist, or any other style that you can think of. They can be very narrow and just wide enough to hold the sink, or they can span the entire length of a bathroom wall.

Bathroom Accessories in Darwen

Looking for the perfect bathroom accessories to complement and complete your bathroom design? Well this is just the place to start. H & S Bathrooms have a huge range of accessories available for you to view at our Showroom in Darwen. From heated towel rails to ice buckets, we cater for everyone's needs.

Bathroom Furniture in Darwen

Whatever kind of Bathroom Furniture you require, H & S Bathrooms have the solutions right here for you. By visiting our Bathroom Showroom in Darwen, you can take a look at the range of Bathroom Furniture we have to offer. One of our experienced team will also talk to you about your options and can help you make the right decisions, in terms of bathroom design and the functionality itself.

Contact Us We'd be more than happy to discuss your next bathroom project and answer any questions you have.

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