Showers in Darwen

Covering Darwen, Blackburn and the surrounding areas

Showers To Suit Your Needs

Our wide range of showers exhibits some of very best and latest designs for your bathroom. We provide complete solutions, ranging from heads and arms to full systems.

Styles Available

We have lots of different shower styles available, from traditional showers with exposed pipework, to ultra modern styles with hidden pipework and chrome designs.

Heads, Arms and Accessories

While we sell complete showers of many descriptions, we also have numerous individual parts if you simply need to add a new head, or perhaps an arm, rail kit.

About Our Showers

Modern lifestyles are so busy that the shower has eclipsed the traditional bath as the popular bathing choice. There’s nothing more refreshing or invigorating at the start of the day or after exercise than a shower, and the options available to H & S Bathrooms in Darwen are quite astounding.

Open plan showers are becoming increasingly popular. These are showers that don't have the traditional screen. Instead, think of a shower that has been built into an alcove or behind a blade wall. Part of the reason for the popularity of open plan showers is that people are looking to make their bathrooms as low maintenance as possible. With Open Plan Showers, this is more than achievable.

Choosing the right shower for your home

The quality of your shower head can mean the difference between a shower you enjoy and a shower you loathe so it’s vital that you choose the right one for you. H & S Bathrooms will talk you through all the options and show you examples to ensure you make the right choice for your bathroom. We can also talk to you about different shower enclosures and shower trays, as well as steam showers too.

Shower Enclosures in Darwen

There are many different types of shower screens available, including pivoting doors, sliding doors, swing doors, fixed panel and corner units. As well as these types of shower screens, there are three different designs – frameless, semi frameless and fully framed. By visiting H & S Bathrooms at our Bathroom Showroom in Darwen, we can talk to you about your different options for Shower Enclosures.

The shower is an essential part of the bathroom and choosing the right shower screen can make the difference in transforming it from just another fitting, into a real stand-out feature.

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