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Covering Darwen, Blackburn and the surrounding areas

Our Toilet Range

Wide range of high quality toilets available from modern to traditional and soft close seats.

Great Choice

We stock a vast array of toilets, catering for all different needs and tastes. Our range includes traditional toilets, as well as wall hung, square and back to wall toilets.


The most essential aspects of any bathroom is coordination. We always suggest that you choose fixtures that will complement each other, adding a sense of balance to the room.

About Our Toilets

From our Bathroom Showroom in Darwen, H & S Bathrooms can talk to you about your options for Toilets, and can show you a wide range of options to help you make the right decision.

Even the choice of toilets, or pans as they are known in the trade, is far from straightforward. More and more homes are now fitted with water meters and with each flush accounting for between 5 and 10 litres of water, the toilet can account for around 11% of water consumption so even running costs come into consideration.

Choosing The Right Toilet

  • Dual-flush models are increasingly the standard, with individual manufacturers often developing their own water saving innovations. Make sure your toilet conforms to local standards.
  • Comfort – round models are more convenient to sight than elongated models, but not as comfortable.
  • Style – choose a toilet that matches and compliments your interior design plan for that entire bathroom.
  • Material – ceramic, porcelain and plastic are the most common materials used in toilet construction. Your budget will determine what material you can afford.
  • Space saving – designers are looking to decrease the footprint of toilets with wall-hung models that feature concealed cisterns. This helps to maximise precious bathroom space and emphasises neat, clean lines.

If you are looking for Toilets in Darwen, then you have certainly come to the right place. H & S Bathrooms have a wide range of beautiful options to choose from and the expertise to help you moving forward.

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